How you can quickly make the tastiest burgers

Cater for me Catering Ultimate Burger Cookbook

Cater for me staff  are frequently asked questions about how we make our succulent burgers when we are BBQ catering for clients.

  • What is the best minced meats to use?
  • Should you add an egg or breadcrumbs?
  • What are our favourite burger recipes? And so on.

When you make burgers fresh from great ingredients, they are extremely moorish and healthy too, so we decided to create the Ultimate Burger Cook Book –  just for you.


Inside you’ll discover the know-how to make fantastic juicy burgers quickly and easily, and you’ll find answers to:


  • The different types of minced meats you can use to make juicy burgers and the best ones to buy.
  • Easy beef burger recipe and variations.
  • Using natural seasonings for more exciting flavours.
  • Fresh toppings for an extra juicy zing


We’ve also included a selection of our favourite burger recipes, which are quick and easy to make whilst being economical too:


  1. Spicy beef burgers
  2. Brilliant beef burgers
  3. Delicious turkey burgers
  4. Juicy lamb burgers
  5. Scrumptious pork, apple and sage burgers
  6. Tasty cheesy bean burgers
  7. Super healthy salmon burgers
  8. Yummy Italian chicken cheese burgers
  9. Delish chickpea and coriander burgers
  10. Delectable Venison and juniper burgers


To instantly download the Ultimate Burger Cook Book in PDF format Click Here. It will open up in a new window.

If you are planning a BBQ party or a hog roast event, give Louise a call on 0121 649 6280 or send us an email using our contact form. Mention the Ultimate Burger Cookbook and receive a special discount.


We’ll love to have your feedback, and please share your favourite burger recipes in the comment box below.

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